Facets™ Close-Up

  • medium-man-speaking-jpg-362x246Automate processes. Increase efficiency. Compete effectively.

    Automation is crucial to your ability to compete in a changing healthcare environment. By using the Facets™ system to automate workflow in every aspect of your business—claims processing, billing, care management, network management and more—you increase efficiency and streamline administration to get more done with fewer resources. You improve first-pass rates, minimizing the need for claims analysts to manually handle claims. You shorten your revenue cycle, improving cash flow. And you deliver better information and more timely communications to providers and members, helping increase their satisfaction and improve the quality of care. That all equates to increased profitability and greater business success.


    Connect all your constituents with a comprehensive solution.

    The Facets system gives you a platform for fostering collaboration and building connections among members, employers, brokers and providers. Facets and its components facilitate all aspects of your operations, including:

    • Medical and dental claims processing
    • Claims re-pricing
    • Capitation/risk fund management
    • Premium billing
    • Provider network management
    • Group/membership administration
    • Referral management
    • Hospital and medical pre-authorization
    • Case management
    • Customer service
    • Electronic data interchange


    Extend functionality with integrated solutions.

    The Facets application is a powerful system on its own. When you integrate it with other TriZetto solutions, you get an industry-leading system driving efficiency and productivity. The Facets system can integrate with other TriZetto solutions, including:

    • Care management solutions
    • Network management solutions
    • Value-based solutions
    • Utilization management solutions
    • Payment bundling solutions
    • Portal solutions