TriZetto® Health TranZform™

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  • The TranZform Solution provides:

    health tranzform

    Features & Benefits

    Supports Increased Consumer Engagement

    Health TranZform facilitates outcome‑based collaboration across the healthcare ecosystem, delivering secure, de‑identified and contextual data from each interaction that stakeholders have within the healthcare ecosystem.

    Our vision is to provide 360‑degree digital awareness to help healthcare organizations see higher performance through engagement, price transparency, and increasing collaboration and network intelligence. TranZform supports consumer‑centric strategies by:

    • Enabling high-performance virtual integration that connects healthcare stakeholders
    • Supporting an ecosystem that enables the connection of third-party capabilities
    • Composing a personalized stakeholder experience

    Connects Multiple Systems of Record

    The engine behind TranZform enables healthcare stakeholders to easily interact across the care continuum is the digital integration layer. This layer orchestrates bi‑directional, manages complex transactions using data and communications by connecting to multiple systems of record, including:

    • Payer core systems
    • Provider EHR systems
    • Physician practice management systems